The Dark Knight (2008) Spoiler Filled Review

The Dark Knight (2008) Spoiler Filled Review

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Warning: Spoilers are like gravity…all you need is a little push.

The Dark Knight is the most iconic film of the Dark Knight Trilogy. With a groundbreaking performance from Heath Ledger as the Joker, this film continues to be the most spoken of Batman film in popular culture.

The Dark Knight (directed by Christopher Nolan) is a film of an incredibly large scale. In this film the audience see’s how Batman’s vigilante acts are affecting Gotham and precisely what kind of acts they’ve inspired. What’s fascinating is that although Batman has inspired great men like Harvey Dent to fight against Gotham’s corrupt system it has also created villains like the Joker. Whereas Batman Begins was a personal look at Bruce Wayne and his growth into the hero, the real title player of The Dark Knight is Gotham and, more precisely, what Batman does for it. Even the atmosphere of the film feels larger, wider, and more organic. The first film was limited significantly to the night but in this film we have many important instances happening during the day and without Bruce Wayne’s or Batman’s presence on screen. It is a great look at Gotham’s reaction to Batman and adds tremendously to the story.

However, a review of The Dark Knight would be incomplete without mentioning the absolutely spectacular performance of Heath Ledger. It has been said many times and, will only continue to be said, how well Heath Ledger did in this role. His portrayal of one of the most iconic comic book villains of all time is a tremendous act to follow. He added so much weight and intrigue to an already captivating character. It is no wonder that audiences cannot forget his portrayal of the Joker because it was incredibly unique yet true to the character. It is incredibly unfortunate that the world lost such an exceptional human being, but it can definitely be said that he will be remembered for many years to come.

So the question needs to be asked, is this film truly a great film? Many critics have said that, if not for the astounding Joker performance, this film would have fallen short. To an extent that is true; as stated before Heath Ledger’s performance was magnetic and electric and did capture audiences but it’s safe to say that the film is solid overall. Putting aside the Joker, the film made incredible improvements from Batman Begins, in that it wasn’t so incredibly obvious in it’s meaning and with it’s expansion of it’s setting. Also, the film itself looked significantly better, with outstanding cinematography and special effects that were captivating in their execution. Overall, we’ll give it a 5/5- Holy Batman!

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